It is noteworthy achievements of the company:


  • developing the production of edible shells ALFA (αG, αG+) for frankfurters and small sausages;
  • implementation of the project for applying a release coating on the shell provides easy removal of the shell with sausage and introduction into production of said shell (type LS);
  • patented and implemented a technology of application on shell meshes for smoking (packs) of various weaving. Meats in the grid, especially with cells in the form of hexagon, are in high demand, as they are extremely attractive due to the refined appearance and unusual shape loaf.

Work of specialists appreciated with awards enterprise-level state:


  • in 2001 the plant was awarded the regional action of the international rating of popularity and quality of goods and services;
  • the specialized exhibition-conference «Hit — 2003» Plant received a diploma and a gold medal in the category «Novelty of a season — 2003»;
  • in 2004 the factory became the owner of Memorable sign «Leader of food and processing industry of Ukraine,» handed by Ukrainian publishing consortium;
  • In 2006 the plant was awarded the Gold Medal for collagen casing for small sausages and frankfurters type ALFA (edible) in the contest «The best packaging materials, sausage casings, labels», held in the framework of the International Forum «Meat Industry 2006».